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We make smart, secure, and perfectly designed solutions for business.Singalarity is a corporate advisory and technology solutions firm specializing in Contract R&D, Cyber Security Products & Services, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Banking and Digital Identity and Enterprise Business Management Platform.Headquartered in Singapore with a network of experts from around the world, we offer a full and diverse scope of services that cater to the specific needs of business operations.We have industrial and R&D expertise and access to international expertise, along with military-grade technologies to ensure clients’ digital assets and operations are safe, reliable, and predictable.Our deep R&D capability helps SEA-based firms reduce R&D expenditure while leveraging on our expertise to shorten the time-to-market cycle tour innovative products, improve productivity and become a technology capability-multiplier to our clients’ in-house teams.Product Introduction

Data Diode
DigiSAFE Data Diode is a unidirectional communications and data transfer gateway that enables organizations to transfer data securely across physically separated networks. It complements our suite of indigenous cybersecurity products that enhance the security and resilience of Information Technology and Operation Technology infrastructures from targeted cyber-attacks.
Information Assurance by Design
Ensures no data leakage due to hardware-enforced one-way communication.
High Throughput and Robust Performance
Configurable for high availability.
Compact Design
Reduces space required when deployed as all functionalities can be encapsulated within the server.
Ease of System Integration; Customizable
Supports multiple IT and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or Industrial Control System (ICS) networking protocols and can be customized for any operational requirement.
Highest level of Certification and Recognition
Certified under Common Criteria (CC EAL 2).

Forensic SOC
Forensic SOC (F-SOC) is an innovative pure-play Managed Monitor, Analyze, Response (MMAR) service provider, keeping organizations safe from constantly evolving cyber-attacks that unmanned software alone cannot prevent.
Forensic SOC provides the convenient yet proactive solution to counter the rising modern security threats scheming to halt your business workflows. Gain full & concise visibility to everything happening in your enterprise network within minutes after deployment, allowing quick acknowledgement of past, present and future cyber threats targeting your business.
Combined with the automated IDS/IPS and vulnerability scanners, security analysts from Singalarity work around the clock to investigate all potential cyber threats to your business, both internally and externally, and report back to you along with recovery & protection recommendations for on-time response.
Our 24×7 Forensic SOC – staffed by elite security analysts – hunts, investigates and responds in real-time to both known and unknown threats before they become business disrupting events.
● Make no investment in servers, storage, intelligence feeds & professional services.
● Start monitoring your network for security breaches in a matter of hours vs weeks.
● Focus only on incidents & threats validated by security experts vs chasing all alerts.
● Obtain context around how threats relate to your environment from security experts.
● Benefit from security intelligence applied across the spectrum of Forensic SOC clients.
● Qualified personnel for running a 24×7 F-SOC are costly and hard to recruit. Our Security Team acts as an extension of your team.
● We offer 24x7x365 security monitoring services together with our proven F-SOC software at 20% of the TCO of Splunk.

In today’s Internet environment, cyber threats have become a prominent issue especially in enterprises that offer online application and e-services. Access control with a simple ID and password is no longer sufficient in face of all these threats. These credentials can be easily hacked and obtained through phishing, keyloggers, social engineering, Trojan Horses, etc.
TurnSteel Authentication System (TAS) is designed to meet government and financial institutes’ stringent security and high availability specifications for digital identification. It has been deployed and is currently providing both one-factor authentication (1FA) and second-factor authentication (2FA) login for various web portals, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), operation systems, logins, network devices and emails in government, financial institutes and online healthcare services.
TAS is able to support both 1FA and 2FA operations using a variety of digital tokens like hardware tokens, software tokens, mobile SMS one-time password (OTP), digital certificates. TAS can also integrate with existing users identity stores (for example: Windows Active Directory) to enable a seamless login experience for users and application developers. TAS simplifies the IT operation with its fault tolerant design that supports regular system maintenance without authentication services down-time. Its self-service and user-friendly management dashboard can generate various authentication transaction reports as well as enable users to search for specific transaction records.
TurnSteel authentication system works as:
Authentication Server:
● Verify user password: it provides end to end encryption (from user browser to Authentication Server) RSA1024/2048 & PKCS#1 v1.5/v2.0
● Verify user 2 nd FA: it supports SMS OTP, hardware token OTP (VASCO token, OATH- compliance token, OCRA-compliance token), and software token OTP (V-Key token, OATH- compliance token).
Authentication Gateway:
● Verify user password from external authentication source, such as LDAP.
● Verify user 2 nd FA from external authentication source, such as National Authentication Framework (NAF), RSA.
TurnSteel provides a single API to allow for Service providers (SP) to Authentication System.
To connect to TurnSteel authentication system, it can use the following protocols: RADIUSProtocol, API