Address: MobiFone Building, Lot VP1, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi
Tel: (84-24) 3783 1733

Main production and business activities of the enterprise:

–         MobiFone was established on April 16, 1993 with the initial name of Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company. In 2014, the company is transformed into MobiFone Corporation, under the Ministry of Information and Communications, doing business in the fields of: traditional telecommunication services, VAS, Data, Internet, Enterprise customer products, IT services, retail and distribution, and foreign investment.

–         In Vietnam, MobiFone is one of the three largest mobile operators with more than 30% market share. With a clear vision and goals through the message “Connecting values – Awakening potentials”, MobiFone want to bring products and services that connect each citizen, family and business in an ecosystem where needs in life, work, study and entertainment are discovered, awakened and fulfilled in order to achieve satisfaction, growth and happiness.

Difference of business versus competitors:

–         Over the past 26 years, MobiFone has grown to be one of the most famous brands in Vietnam, which is considered as a typical example of effective growth.

–         MobiFone has direct distribution channels with hundreds of showrooms and official stores in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Especially in the last 10 years, even in the difficult economic context and fierce market, the Coporation always keeps the continuous growth rate of profit, increasing over 5% annually, MobiFone is one of the few companies with high return on equity.

–         These results were achieved thank to MobiFone has launched a lot of stimulus policies targeted at multiple classes of customers to ensure revenue and profit growth.

Technology capacity of the enterprise:

  • Web: Java, Primefaces, Laravel, Ruby on Rail, Django, .NET, WebSphere.
  • Mobile: ReactNative, IBM First Platform, Android Native, Swift.
  • Operating system: Linux, Windows server, Centos, AIX, RedHat
  • Database: Oracle, Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, Redis,…
  • Cloud Open Stack Technology
  • Middleware technology with ESB integration and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) architecture.
  • BPM (Business Process Management)

Competence on new technologies being implemented at the company: 

  • AI: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI Camera, AI Text-to-speech, OCR, NLP,…
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Casandra, Elasticsearch, Redis, Grafana, Influxdb, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Hive, Apache ZooKeeper, RocksDB
  • IoT Technology

More products:

  • MobiFone Smart Digital Audio Broadcasting solution: The audio broadcasting system based in 4.0 technology incorporates IoT, to replace and completely overcome the inherent disadvantages of the old FM communication solutions. It can be also easy expanded and integrated with Smart Home, Smart City, bringing benefits to the Government and the people in the new era
  • AI Camera platform: Software platform using Deep Learning technology to enable face recognition, object recognition, license plate number, traffic violation errors, through images extracted from conventional cameras, no dedicated camera required. MobiFone’s AI Camera platform can be provided as an API that can be easily integrated with existing software systems and cameras, without requiring the use of expensive dedicated camera equipment.
  • AI-TTS (Text-to-Speech): A software platform that applies natural language processing (NLP) technology to automatically convert text to optional voice by region in Vietnam, AI TTS solution of MobiFone is optimized for Vietnamese with the ability to read 90% naturally as a person. AI-TTS has been specifically applied by MobiFone when combined with 3C solution to successfully build a solution called SmartAutomatic Call Center mAICallCenter.
  • AI OCR: Applying image processing technology, OCR, Deep Learning, software to digitize written and printed text from input images and convert them into searchable computer characters.
  • Big Data: Application of big data analysis technology for financial-related problems (personal credit scoring MobiCS, verification of customer address MobiCAC), credit (mobile finance MobiFinance), promotion sales, etc.
  • Kyzpro is a comprehensive internet management solution for connected devices to protect children on cyberspace. Kyzpro is a a unique solution and exclusively distributed in Vietnam with powerful features and many outstanding functions such as an easy-to-use parental control app, websites & app blocking, Youtube Content Filter,…