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In operation since 1973, Dien Quang has decisively specialized in lighting and electrical equipment, continuing commitments to provide the customer with high quality products. So far, Dien Quang has steadfastly pursued the intensive development in the chosen field. The company has incessantly invested in researching and developing high-technology lighting solutions and professional services in both civil and industrial projects.

With 5 international standard factories equipped with synchronous and modern production lines (including one factory in Venezuela), Dien Quang has ability to strictly control every production process both from raw materials to finished products. Dien Quang is honored to have its products obtained many prestigious awards for good quality and brand such as CE Compliance with EU Safety Standards (CE mark), “Vietnam Energy Star” Trademark granted by Ministry of Industry and Trade, “Vietnam Green Label” for environment- and user- friendly products certified by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Dien Quang Brand also keeps the recognition of “National Brand” by the Government of Vietnam and votes of the High Quality Vietnamese Goods by the customers. Dien Quang is ranked in the top 200 Enterprises with the turnover of less than USD 1 billion in Asia announced by Forbes Asia.

Dien Quang has just invested in the construction of an office complex and a factory in Ho Chi Minh High-Tech Park with a total investment of up to VND 600 billion on a construction area of over 40,000 m2 equipped with production lines and modern equipment and high automation for research, development, testing and production activities.

In expectation of providing complete solutions for constructions, Dien Quang provides customers and consumers not only with lighting products and electrical appliances but also services involved in consulting, design, construction and maintenance the civil and industrial power systems.
Product Introduction
The pressure of modern life, where everybody’s always busy, tired, and stressful making people want to have a solution for managing electrical appliances in their house. By applying advanced technologies into life, it easily helped people to control the electrical devices with just touches on their smart phone.
Keeping up with exponential pace of technological innovation, Điện Quang launches DQSMART SOLUTION to market, upon Vietnamese’s needs, and living habits.
–           Connect and manage your home from anywhere at any time, such as: your living room, working office, or anywhere on the earth as long as you have access to the internet.
–           Control home electrical appliances, such as: television, air-conditioner, water pump, lighting system, curtain… by individual device, by group, or by programmed scenarios.
  1. HomeCare eco-system
The HomeCare App allows you to request consulting, installation and repairing services for power and lightning systems at the tap of a finger.
HomeCare works based on 4 criteria: Safety, Quality, Swift-Convenience, and Transparence.
We create HomeCare as not only an individual solution, but also an efficient solution for corporations. Our services include:
– Design consulting: power and lightning systems are designed with consideration of the 4 principles: Light quality, function, aesthetic and Feng-Shui.
– Troubleshooting, repairing and installing power and lightning systems. 
– Providing combo packages for system maintenance.
The HomeCare App is available for both the iOS and Android. To download, visit CHPlay or Apple App Store with the keywords “DienQuang HomeCare”.
  1. Điện Quang Apollo Smart Lighting Solution
Dien Quang Apollo – A set of smart home appliances that allows users to install and control by themselves for comfortable and convenient experience.
Dien Quang Apollo helps people to manage, monitor and control all electrical equipment remotely anytime, anywhere via phones, computers, tablets … simply and easily by using pre-set scenario based on your habit, the context and the schedule you desire. Dien Quang Apollo manages and controls the device via smartphone or voice instead of using mechanical manual on the On / Off button basis.